On-site WordPress TrainingIf you’re thinking about getting on-site WordPress training for your business, read on!

Whether you own or manage a huge corporation or small business, you’ve likely heard of WordPress. Well, that’s because this innovative self-hosting platform is making its way into offices and businesses around the country.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone is getting the most out of WordPress. In fact, without the proper training, you could be missing out on a number of innovative and business-strengthening features that WordPress offers. If that’s the case, WP in Session’s on-site WordPress training is the easiest and most effective way to make sure that WordPress is working for you – and getting you the business you’re after.

WP in Session’s on-site WordPress training uses a basic, highly customizable approach to help you and your employees learn to get the most out of WordPress using simple, straight-forward instructions and curriculum.

On-site WordPress Training

We offer our on-site WordPress training services to businesses and individuals throughout the United States. Whether you’re a business owner, developer, designer, content creator or marketer, we can help give you the tools you need to build and enhance your digital presence.

WordPress was built to allow anyone to create and update website content. That said, it can be difficult to learn and understand the functionality of the platform, and even harder to take advantage of the innovative tools, plugins and add-ons and that launch your website to epic heights.

If you, your staff or entire business is planning to start using WordPress, or if you already are but you aren’t getting everything you need out of the platform, the WordPress experts at WP in Session have you covered. We can conveniently come to your business or location for an onsite training crash course or an ongoing in-depth classroom-style WordPress course. Call us today for more information on our on-site WordPress training sessions and resources. After all, isn’t it time to make your digital presence known?

How to get On-Site WordPress Training

To experience what WP in Session has to offer for on-site training, fill out the form below with your information and one of our professional developers will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Our rate is $1,500 per day per instructor, plus travel expenses. One trainer can typically train up to 10 people at a time. Additional instructors will be required for more than 10 people.