What Must You do if You want to Start a WordPress Web Design Business?

WordPress web design businessStarting a WordPress web design business can help you create a new income and even work from home. However, if you plan to do this, you must do a few things first.

Starting a WordPress Web Design Business

Here are five things you must do before you start your new business.

Decide on Framework

The theme framework you decide to use will make a difference in the development process. You can choose from many different frameworks and use them to help design client sites. You will also want to have a set of basic plugins you use for all the sites you set up.

Figure out your Backup Method

Backing up the different sites you work on is vital to your success. If a client site goes down, they will often turn to you to fix it. If you have a full back up system that is done regularly, you won’t have nearly as much to worry about. You can easily restore the site and move on.

Create an Email List

As you build your WordPress web design business, an email list will be vital to your success. You will need to start building your list immediately. This list will include potential clients and clients. Make sure they are separated, so that you can market to each properly.

Find Great Hosting

One of the ways you can make extra money from each client is by recommending a great hosting company. This can also make it easier to work with the sites because you will understand the hosting, backend and the support offered. This can also help you make a recurring income from your clients.

Hire only the Best Outsourcers

Websites require many things from graphics to content to maintenance and more. If you surround yourself with people you can outsource tasks you don’t handle, you can make even more from your business. This may include writers, SEO professionals, programmers and more.

These are just a few of the things you should do before you open your new WordPress web design business. Make sure you’re set up and ready to go before you start taking on clients.

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