Best WordPress Site Search Plugins

las vegas wordpressProviding the best way for visitors to search your WordPress site is important. You can use the default search widget that comes with WordPress, but there are also a few plugins to help improve the way users can search your site. Here are a few plugins to consider.

Swiftype Search Plugin

This plugin allows you to create a better search for WordPress. It will index your content and provide a much faster search than the default option. It will also store searches for your users and provide you with plenty of analytics. The pro version of the plugin offers an even better search tool for your Las Vegas WordPress website.

Category Wise Search Plugin

If you want to add a plugin allowing visitors to search your site by specific category, the Category Wise Search plugin is the right choice. It will provide a dropdown for users to choose the category they want to search. You can exclude categories, as well, to make it more specific.

Voice Search Plugin

A quick and easy way to add customization to your site’s search is with the Voice Search plugin. This plugin will add a microphone icon to the default WordPress search widget, which allows users to click and use voice command for searching on your site. It’s not fully functional in all browsers, but does work in Chrome and Safari.

SearchWP Plugin

Another powerful way to create custom search options for your Las Vegas WordPress site is with the SearchWP plugin. This plugin allows for the most accurate results and will provide many options for automatic indexing and more.

There are many ways to improve the search function of your Las Vegas WordPress website. If you’re new to Las Vegas WordPress or just looking for a better way to search, consider these plugins for your site.

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