Is it Possible to Sort WordPress Plugins into Groups?

After a few months or years of using WordPress, you will quickly realize your plugin page is very long. You can use as many plugins as you want, but the more you use, the harder they can become to manage and locate.

Splitting your WordPress plugins up into groups can help. Here’s an easy way to sort all your plugins into groups for your WordPress website.

Using Plugin Groups

The Plugin Groups plugin for WordPress will allow you to sort your plugins. This plugin needs to be installed and activated before you can use it, however.

Once activated, you can access the plugin by going to Plugins >> Groups. Now, you will be able to create a new plugin group simply by clicking on the “Add New Group” button. Maybe you want to create a group for all your SEO plugins or for all the add-ons you user for another plugin.

After creating your group, you can simply add the plugins to it with the box that will pop up on the right side of the screen. Once you add all the necessary plugins, just click the “Save Changes” button and you’re all set.

You will be able to categorize our plugins in any way that makes sense to you. Put them in groups by functionality, by alphabetical order or any other way you prefer. This can also be helpful if you’re working on a client’s website.

With plugin groups, you will be able to access your plugins much faster and easier. Once you have created a few groups, you will see the groups display much like your pages or posts display in WordPress. Then, just click on the group to access the plugins found within.

Using the Plugin Groups plugin for WordPress makes it much easier to manage and find your plugins. If you have more than just a few, this is a great way to keep everything organized on your WordPress website.

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