Is it Possible to Hide a Post from the Home Page in WordPress?

WordPress allows you to display a feed of your most recent posts as the homepage. You can also choose a static page, if you prefer. If you want your blog posts to show, but there are some you simply don’t want to show on your home page, you need to know how to hide them.

Of course, you could make them private, but you may not want to hide them from the public. Instead of going this route, there is a better way. Here’s how to hide any post from any page you want in WordPress.

The WP Hide Post Plugin

With the WP Hide Post Plugin, you can easily change the visibility for any post. You will need to install and activate the plugin before you will be able to use it within a new or existing post.

After you have activated the plugin, you will have a new menu within the post edit screen. It will have check boxes allowing you to hide the post from the home page, category page, tag page, author page or the archive page. You can also hide the post from your feeds or the search results.

You can even use the plugin to hide your pages. The options are a little different and allow you to hide pages from anywhere you are listing pages on the front page or from everywhere pages are listed.

When you hide a post or page, anybody can still access it if they have the URL. However, it won’t show up in the areas you have decided to hide it from.

This can be very helpful for a post you don’t want to get much attention or a landing page you want to use for another purpose. Sometimes, you simply don’t want a live post to show up on your home page because you plan to use it for something else. With this plugin, you can easily hide your posts or pages for any reason.

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