4 Great Ways to Promote Your Old WordPress Posts

It’s very easy to let a blog post you created die in the archives. Most bloggers do this and they don’t even realize how easy it can be to promote an older post if they are using WordPress. Here are four easy ways to promote your older posts and get more out of them.

Good Interlinking

A goowordpress blogd interlinking strategy can go a long way for your blog. When you write a new post and you link it to an older post (make sure the link makes sense), it provides a better structure for SEO, along with the ability to promote an older blog post. This is one of the easiest ways to get more out of all of your WordPress blog posts.

Sharing Old Posts on Social Media

It may seem like a huge task, but sharing your older posts on social media can bring in plenty of new traffic. The task becomes much easier when you use the Revive Old Post plugin, which used to be the Tweet Old Post plugin. This plugin allows you to automate the process and share older posts on social media easily.

Related and Most Popular Posts

You can find a number of great plugins to show your related posts below each new post you create. There are also plugins to help you create a sidebar list of the most popular posts based on views. Both of these types of promotion can help revive older posts and keep traffic flowing to your blog.

Use Old Posts in the Comments

Occasionally, you may have a question from a visitor in the comments, which you have covered in an older post. If this happens, you can simply add the older post to the reply to help the visitor and anybody else that reads the question in the comments.

These are just a few of the many great ways to get more traffic from older blog posts on your WordPress website. Don’t let the hard work you put into your posts go to waste. Follow these tips and get more out of them.

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